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We aggressively pursue all methods of recovery, even up to the Colorado Supreme Court, on behalf of a wide range of creditors. Miller & Law assists creditors in collection matters, including construction-related collections involving subcontractors or material supply companies. Based in Littleton, we are well-positioned to assist banks and other lenders throughout the Denver area.

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Debtor & Creditor Collections

The debt collection attorneys of Miller & Law aggressively pursue debtors to ensure that banks and other lenders do not miss any opportunity for recovery. We assist our clients through a variety of measures, including writing demand letters, filing liens or bond claims, and even pursuing foreclosure actions.


We can also help banks in workouts and settlement negotiations to avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure. In all cases, we strive to obtain the highest debt repayment possible through pre-litigation methods; however, we also pursue collection-related issues through litigation, appeals, and up to the Colorado Supreme Court if needed.

Subcontractor & Material Supplier

It is an unfortunate reality that contractors and owners sometimes do not to live up to their obligations, and fail to pay subcontractors and material suppliers, withholding payments due to claims of change orders, budget disputes, delays, or other alleged problems.  If you are a subcontractor or material supplier and believe you are owed money due to a breach of contract, our firm can assist in the process of collecting on the debt you are owed. When you find yourself looking up, "what is mechanic lien?", it is time to contact our office.


We have successfully helped a variety of material supply companies involved in construction, including suppliers of siding, concrete, and steel, recover the fees to which they are entitled through demand letters, disburser's notices, mechanics' liens, bond claims, and other actions.  In addition, it may be possible for suppliers to recover unused supplies through actions such as filing writs of replevin. 

Construction of timber houses

The Restitution You Deserve

With a steadfast dedication to our clients' interests, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of debt recovery. Whether it is negotiating settlements, litigating in court, or exploring alternative resolution methods, our experienced team is well-equipped to handle the full spectrum of creditor representation. 

Do not let outstanding debts go unresolved. Trust our dedicated attorneys to advocate fiercely on your behalf. Contact our office today to benefit from our comprehensive, results-driven approach.


Let us help you achieve the financial justice you deserve.

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