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Our team of seasoned attorneys understand the laws surrounding a multitude of issues and we are here  to assist you as you navigate these legal waters. Below is an overview of the variety of legal services we offer. 

Construction Law

Miller & Law, P.C. is well-situated to assist contractors, subcontractors, materialmen, owners, and others in matters arising from private residential and commercial construction projects and Colorado State and Federal public works of all sizes. In order to provide our clients with the best possible services, we stay up-to-date on changing laws by maintaining a membership with the Associated General Contractors and we educate construction groups and owners on the effects of construction laws in their day-to-day business transactions. PRIVATE CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS Miller & Law, P.C. assists clients in all types of residential and commercial construction matters. We provide comprehensive contract services, including carefully reviewing proposed contracts to ensure that our clients' interests are thoroughly protected. In the event that a contract is breached or terminated, we can assist the clients in collecting funds owed to them through the use of bond claims and by attaching or foreclosing on mechanics' liens. In addition, the firm has substantial experience drafting notices of disburser to require owners, lenders, or other parties to make disbursements on a project to pay subcontractors and materialmen directly, or to withhold sufficient funds to cover the claim in the event of a dispute. FEDERAL PUBLIC WORKS Construction contracts entered into with the federal government are governed by distinct laws and must be drafted according to a uniform contract format whenever practicable. The process can be more complex than entering into private construction contracts, but an experienced attorney can help expedite the process by carefully negotiating, reviewing and drafting contract terms. Not only do our attorneys assist with drafting and reviewing federal construction contracts, we also offer comprehensive services in regard to bonds claims. In anticipation of disputes, the Miller Act requires contractors to post performance and payment bonds on any construction contract exceeding $100,000 for use in the event the contract is terminated and damages are assessed against them. A performance bond secures performance of a contract by a contractor, whereas a payment bond ensures that all laborers and suppliers are paid for their work under the contract. Miller & Law, P.C. can assist clients with surety negotiations, contract review and assessment, and any related litigation matters involving such bond claims and disputes. STATE PUBLIC WORKS Our attorneys assist in all aspects of negotiating, reviewing, and drafting state public works contracts and in negotiating bond claims when contracts have been breached or terminated. In addition, our firm is highly experienced in obtaining Verified Statements of Claims, which are required to make a bond claim against the state or county for construction costs incurred in state public works projects. SEEK EXPERIENCED REPRESENTATION For over 30 years, Miller & Law, P.C. has obtained successful results for clients in the construction industry. For exceptional legal representation in your construction law matter, contact our office today. Attorneys adept with Construction matters: •    Curt Henry •    David Law •    Brittany Reinke •    Noel Trowbridge

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Corporate Law

Miller & Law, P.C. represents businesses of all sizes in a wide range of corporate transactions, including assisting with entity formation, complex corporate structuring, succession planning, and drafting a variety of buy-sell agreements in the Denver area and throughout Colorado. In addition, several of our attorneys are licensed in other states, assist out-of-state businesses on a pro hac vice basis, or represent corporations with interests in foreign countries. ​ Business Formation When starting a new business, one of the most important decisions to make is what type of business entity to form. Different types of business or corporate structures can have significant tax and legal liability implications as well as state and federal obligations. In Colorado, possible business structures include: ​ Corporations Limited Partnerships Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) or Limited Liability Limited Partnerships (LLLPs) Limited Partnership Associations Our attorneys advise clients on the best choice of entity for their specific needs and assist in the process of formation, including filing any necessary documents with the Colorado Secretary of State. We assist clients with preparing documents such as articles of incorporation, stock certificates, bylaws, operating agreements, and buy-sell agreements. ​ Complex Corporate Structures In addition to providing basic entity formation services, the seasoned corporate law attorneys at Miller & Law, P.C. assist in forming complex corporate structures to protect a business' assets. We establish operating entities which conduct all of a business's operations but do not own any of its assets, and a separate holding company which controls a business' assets but does not conduct any business transactions. By correctly structuring multi-tiered corporate entities of this type, our attorneys can help businesses protect their assets while limiting operational risks. ​ Succession Planning The retirement, departure, bankruptcy, or death of an important corporate officer, such as a partner or CEO, can hinder the growth a business. By planning ahead for these contingencies, a business can limit the disruption of normal operations and ensure a smooth transition. Miller & Law, P.C. assists businesses and corporations in planning a profitable transition by addressing potential officer exit strategies; restructuring corporate entities; assisting with mergers, acquisitions, or the disposition of assets; advising on tax consequences; and helping to shift corporate responsibilities and preserve goodwill. In addition, we have negotiated, reviewed, and drafted a wide variety of buy-sell agreements for business owners, in which we carefully detail when an owner can sell his or her interest, who can purchase the interest, what must be paid for the interest, and the procedures for business succession. ​ Seek Experienced Representation For 30 years, Miller & Law, P.C. has represented businesses in corporate matters ranging from simple formation to complex structuring and succession planning. To schedule a consultation to learn how our attorneys can assist you or your organization, contact our office today.

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Criminal Law

From our law firm in Littleton, Miller & Law, P.C. is ideally situated to provide comprehensive support to clients facing criminal charges in the Denver area. Our criminal defense lawyers handle every type of criminal charge, ranging from traffic tickets to first degree murder. If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges, it is important to contact an attorney immediately or risk facing substantial fines and possible imprisonment. ​ Municipal Traffic Violations Miller & Law, P.C. handles all traffic violations, including driving without a license or driving with a suspended license, illegal u-turns, running a red light or stop sign, seat belt or child restraint violations, and speeding. Traffic violations can have serious consequences, including a significant increase in your insurance premium. Our attorneys know how to effectively challenge a ticket, such as by showing that an officer was improperly trained in the use of radar equipment or that the equipment was not functioning properly. ​ DUIs & DWAIs Driving Under the Influence, or drunk driving, and Driving While Ability Impaired are serious criminal charges. In Colorado, if you are pulled over with a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or above, you may be charged with a DUI. In addition, if your blood alcohol concentration is above 0.05, you may be charged with the crime of DWAI. If you have been charged with drunk driving you may be facing serious repercussions, including fines, increased insurance premiums, required public service, license suspension, alcohol treatment programs, ignition interlock devices, and the possibility of substantial jail time. ​ White Collar Crimes White collar crimes generally involve alleged fraudulent acts and can include insurance fraud, Medicare fraud, mail fraud, computer fraud, check or credit card fraud, embezzlement, forgery, money laundering, counterfeiting, securities fraud, tax fraud, bribery, extortion, racketeering, impersonation, insider trading, and false statements or perjury. Investigations may be lengthy, intensive, and may involve complex forensic accounting issues. A conviction can seriously harm your finances and ability to secure employment. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have significant experience in defending against allegations of a white collar crime. ​ Misdemeanors & Felonies The attorneys of Miller & Law, P.C. are experienced in defending clients against all types of misdemeanor and felony charges, including drug crimes, theft, arson, assaults, unlawful sex crimes, and homicide charges. We represent clients in allegations of domestic violence, which is defined as an act of violence or threat of violence against a person in an intimate relationship, including spouses, former spouses, parents, or unmarried couples, and against animals or property. In addition, our skilled litigators defend clients facing charges in all of the six felony stages, which can range in punishment from a year of imprisonment and/or a $1,000 fine to life imprisonment or even the death penalty. ​ Seek Aggressive Legal Representation If you have been charged with a crime or are currently being investigated by the police, it is important to seek legal representation immediately. If our experienced trial attorneys get involved early in the process, we can often have an influence on whether and what kinds of charges are filed. Once a charge is filed, there are many legal tactics we can employ to put you in a better position at trial. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

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Additional Legal Services

Commercial Litigation

Our extraordinary trial & appellate attorneys are prepared to represent clients in a wide range of commercial litigation matters. Our Denver-based attorneys handle commercial law and litigation matters ranging from contract disputes to business torts and related real estate and employment issues. Business transactions involve a diverse array of parties, including suppliers, vendors, partners, employees, employers, contractors, subcontractors, materialmen, and others. When a dispute arises in the interaction between all of these parties, it is critical to contact an experienced lawyer with the ability to effectively advocate for your interests. Our team of aggressive trial attorneys and appellate court advocates has successfully represented clients in a wide range of commercial litigation matters, including: ​ Contract Disputes Business Disputes Business Torts Employment Disputes Real Estate Title Disputes Construction Disputes For a sampling of the various commercial disputes we have litigated, see our reported cases. Contract Disputes Contract disputes are especially common, and can arise out of virtually any type of commercial transaction. Disputes may involve goods for delivery, performance contracts, licensing agreements, purchase and sales agreements, employment contracts, or any other agreement. The determination of each party's rights, expectations, and obligations arising out of these contracts is often an essential component of any dispute. If you are involved in a contract dispute, the interpretation of the contract's terms may play a central role in determining the outcome of your case. It is important to retain an experienced trial attorney who can use defensible legal reasoning to argue for a comprehensive contract interpretation that will protect your interests. Seek Aggressive Representation The attorneys of Miller & Law, P.C. have a wealth of experience in commercial litigation matters. To find out how we can assist you or your businesses, contact our office today.

Family Law

Our team handles matters related to divorce, alimony, child support, custody, visitation, pre-marital planning, and more. For three decades, the AV-Preeminent rated firm of Miller & Law, P.C. has guided spouses, parents, and families in the Denver and Littleton areas through difficult divorces, spousal support (alimony), child support, custody, visitation disputes, and related family law matters. ​ Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) Attorneys at Miller & Law, P.C. understand that divorce can be one of the most difficult legal processes a person may ever go through. Our attorneys are sensitive to the intense emotions that are often involved in these matters, and rely on strategic negotiation, mediation, and litigation tactics that have the best chance of bringing about a swift, favorable resolution. We will stand by your side from the initial filing for dissolution of marriage, through negotiations, the equitable division of marital property, mediation, and litigation for contested divorces. ​ Child Custody & Visitation, When spouses with children divorce, the court will allocate physical custody and legal custody to one or both parents in a combination that is in the child's best interests. While physical custody refers to the parent with whom the child physically resides, legal custody refers to decision-making responsibilities concerning religion, medical care, and education. When one parent is awarded physical custody, the other is typically granted visitation rights or "parenting time." ​ Grandparents' Rights In addition to awarding visitation to parents, the court may also award custody or visitation rights to grandparents if it is determined to be in the child's best interests. Grandparents may petition for visitation after the parents divorce or are separated, when someone other than a parent has custody, or when the child's parents have died. In addition, grandparents may also be able to petition for custody if the child has been removed from the custody of his or her parents, or if the grandparent has taken care of the child for a statutory time period. Child Support Whether they are divorced, separated, or unmarried former partners, both parents are generally held responsible for the financial needs of their children, including the costs of the child's medical needs, educational needs, and childcare. Basic support obligations are determined by statutory guidelines and may be affected by the custody arrangement and amount of parenting time each parent has with the child. At Miller & Law, P.C., we represent former spouses in determining support obligations and collecting child support payments. We also assist single mothers seeking support payments by initiating proceedings to establish paternity, obtaining support orders, and pursuing support collections. ​ Modifications It is not unusual for a parent's circumstances to change after a family law court order is issued. When this happens, our attorneys assist in submitting motions to the court for the modification of a court order, including parenting time modifications, decision-making modifications, and move-away modifications. In order for a modification to be granted, there must be a substantial change in circumstances such as job loss, job-related relocation, or remarriage of one of the spouses. Seek Dedicated Representation The attorneys at Miller & Law, P.C. are committed to ensuring that their clients receive the highest quality legal representation in all family law matters. Our team approach to practicing law gives us the ability to leverage our strengths in the business and real estate arenas to handle any related issues that may come into play in a divorce or property division. For more information about the services we offer, contact our office today.

Estate and Probate

We craft estate plans including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advanced directives, and QTIPS, as well as assisting clients in probate matters. Miller & Law, P.C. represents clients in Denver, Littleton, and throughout Colorado in estate planning, probate administration, trust administration, and trust and estate litigation. We create comprehensive estate plans that accomplish the objectives of our clients, seek to minimize their tax liability, provide a plan for the possibility of future incapacity, and avoid the need for a lengthy and costly probate administration. ​ Estate Planning We recognize that every client's situation is unique and we tailor every client's estate planning documents to fit their needs. Our areas of representation include: ​ Wills Trust Construction Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trusts (QTIPs) Medical and Financial Durable Powers of Attorney Living Wills We assist our clients in preparing the deeds and accompanying documents necessary to transfer title to interests in real property into the trust, and offer guidance on how to transfer other assets into the trust, ensuring the assets of the trust avoid probate. ​ Probate Administration Our lawyers have significant experience in probate administration of both simple and complex estates. We assist clients in probating wills or in the administration of estates where the decedent died without a will (intestate). ​ Trust Administration Our trust and estate attorneys offer complete postmortem trust administration, including preparing the documents necessary to effectuate the transfer of assets to the beneficiaries and advising trustees on their duties and powers, accounting and record-keeping requirements, creditor's rights against the trust and beneficiaries, sub-trust funding, and other issues related to the administration of the trust. ​ Trust, Estate and Probate Litigation Our attorneys are experienced litigators and have a wealth of experience in representing fiduciaries and beneficiaries in trust, estate, probate and conservatorship disputes. We represent clients in connection with an array of trust and estate issues, including challenges to the validity of estate planning documents, allegations of estate mismanagement or breach of fiduciary duty, family disputes, and claims by beneficiaries. We welcome the opportunity to serve your estate planning, probate and trust administration, and trust and estate litigation needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.


We aggressively pursue all methods of recovery, even up to the Colorado Supreme Court, on behalf of a wide range of creditors. Miller & Law, P.C. assists creditors in collection matters, including construction-related collections involving subcontractors or material supply companies. Based in Littleton, we are well-positioned to assist banks and other lenders throughout the Denver area. ​ Debtor/Creditor Collections The attorneys of Miller & Law, P.C. aggressively pursue debtors to ensure that banks and other lenders do not miss any opportunity for recovery. We assist our clients through a variety of measures, including writing demand letters, filing liens or bond claims, and even pursuing foreclosure actions. We can also help banks in workouts and settlement negotiations to avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure. In all cases, we strive to obtain the highest debt repayment possible through pre-litigation methods; however, we also pursue collection-related issues through litigation, appeals, and up to the Colorado Supreme Court if needed. Subcontractors & Material Suppliers It is an unfortunate reality that contractors and owners sometimes do not to live up to their obligations, and fail to pay subcontractors and material suppliers, withholding payments due to claims of change orders, budget disputes, delays, or other alleged problems. If you are a subcontractor or material supplier and believe you are owed money due to a breach of contract, our firm can assist in the process of collecting on the debt you are owed. We have successfully helped a variety of material supply companies involved in construction, including suppliers of siding, concrete, and steel, recover the fees to which they are entitled through demand letters, disburser's notices, mechanics' liens, bond claims, and other actions. In addition, it may be possible for suppliers to recover unused supplies through actions such as filing writs of replevin. Seek Quality Legal Representation Attorneys at Miller & Law, P.C. aggressively pursue all methods of recovering on behalf of a range of creditors. For full-service representation from a team of dedicated attorneys, contact our office today.

Employment law

For 30 years, Miller & Law, P.C. has represented employers, employees and labor unions in a wide range of employment issues throughout the Denver area, including union disputes, wage and hour law disputes, and discrimination matters. Our attorneys also have significant experience in commercial litigation, construction law, and corporate law, allowing us to fully understand and address issues which may arise in almost any type of employment dispute. ​ Wage Disputes Miller & Law, P.C. handles all types of wage disputes on behalf of both defendants and plaintiffs. Our attorneys are well-versed in state and federal wage laws, including the Colorado Wage Act. We are able to advise employers on wage law compliance and assist in negotiating and litigating wage disputes. Common disputes may involve the classification of workers as exempt or non-exempt employees, minimum wage, overtime pay, holiday and vacation pay, sick leave, meal and rest periods, and alleged discrimination by an employer in a Wage Act complaint. ​ Discrimination Employment discrimination disputes may involve a complex interplay of state and federal laws, making it important for employers, unions, and employees to consult a knowledgeable attorney to determine how the laws may apply to their particular situation. Under both Colorado State and federal laws, it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation, or against a qualified individual with a disability. In addition, under Colorado law, employees who are between age 40 and 70 are protected from discrimination based on their age, whereas there is no upper age limit under the federal Age Discrimination Act. Discrimination claims commonly arise in regard to hiring, firing, wages, or other allegedly adverse actions affecting a protected class of people. Our attorneys are experienced in assisting clients in all aspects of discrimination disputes, including advising on internal company procedures, and handling negotiations, mediations, and litigation. ​ Labor Union Disputes Miller & Law, P.C. is committed to representing employers, unions, and union members in employment relations matters and union disputes. We understand that disputes can interrupt successful business operations and cost an employer significant time and valuable resources. By utilizing our years of experience as persuasive negotiators, we are able to help streamline the collective bargaining process and obtain effective agreements. We are experienced in all aspects of labor union disputes and are familiar with the complex laws governing labor unions, including the Colorado Labor Peace Act and the federal National Labor Relations Act. Our seasoned negotiators and litigators can advise on company policies and assist with contract negotiations, interpretations, and enforcement; arbitration proceedings; and appearances before both state and federal labor boards. ​ Seek Qualified Representation The employment law attorneys of Miller & Law, P.C. are driven to obtain effective results for our valued clients. Our years of experience, combined with our ability to effectively utilize creative and progressive resolution methods, allows us to fully address our clients' needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

Miller & Law, P.C. has decades of experience handling personal injury cases on behalf of plaintiffs throughout the Denver area. Our skilled trial attorneys have experience with a wide range of personal injury cases, including auto accidents, medical malpractice, and dangerous or defective products. We have also handled serious and complex cases involving traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries or paralysis, burns, amputations, and wrongful deaths. If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to the negligence or wrongful acts of another, you may be able to recover damages to compensate for your injury or loss. Damages may be economic, such as medical expenses and lost wages, or non-economic, encompassing such losses as emotional distress and pain and suffering. AUTO ACCIDENTS Auto accidents can range from minor collisions to major crashes and cause serious injuries or even death. They may be the result of driver negligence, such as speeding, texting, or using a cell phone, drunk driving, reckless driving, or failing to obey traffic signals. They may also be caused by defective auto parts, or by the negligence of the city or state to safely design or maintain the roadways. PRODUCTS LIABILITY Miller & Law, P.C. handles personal injury claims arising from negligence, breach of warranty, and strict products liability. Defective products may include household goods, automobile parts, children's toys, sports equipment, machinery, and most other goods. In strict products liability claims, manufacturers and other parties in the chain of commerce may be held responsible for manufacturing defects, design defects, or inadequate warnings or instructions that resulted in injuries. The plaintiff does not need to prove that the manufacturer was negligent, but only that the product was defective, the defect existed when the manufacturer released it into the marketplace, and that the defect caused the plaintiff's injuries. WRONGFUL DEATH If you have lost a loved one due to the wrongful act, neglect, or default of another, you may be eligible to recover economic and non-economic damages for your loss, including for medical bills and funeral costs, loss of the deceased's future earnings, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering. Seek Dedicated Representation The attorneys of Miller & Law, P.C. understand that those suffering the aftermath of an accident may feel emotionally and financially overburdened. We are dedicated to helping injured plaintiffs and their families obtain the closure that they need to move on with their lives. To find out more about how we may be able to help you in your personal injury or wrongful death claim, contact our office today.


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